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Every second, a person goes blind in India. Cataract is the most common cause of blindness our country and the present backlog is nearly 15 million.

Socioeconomic factors delay the treatment of cataract and are responsible for mounting blindness statistics.

High quality, charitable cataract camps is the effective answer to this menace and SGM Eye Bank trust has been conducting scientific, quality conscious cataract camps throughout worth Karnataka for the last four decades.

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Corneal Blindness or blindness due to opacification of transparent cornea is a unique form of blindness with enormous socio economic impact.

 This blindness is cured by ‘Corneal Grafting’ and the Grafted Cornea has to be harvested human beings death. Hence this blindness relief is closely linked to ‘Eye Donation Movement.’

The present Corneal Blindness toll is around 3 million (30 lack) with a substantial number of children in it. Unless we promote Eye Donation and make corneas available for corneal grafting, the corneal blindness burden with soar further.

SGM Eye Bank Trust started in 1979 with first voluntary Eye Donation in entire Karnataka, has been doing relentless efforts to promote Eye Donation and performing corneal grafting surgeries. To date nearly 4000 sight restoring corneal transplantation’s have been done.

To meet the growing demand for corneas, a full fledged International Eye Bank is the need of the hour.

Childhood Blindness >>

Every minute a child goes blind in India and 80% of these are preventable of curable. Childhood Blindness is unique.
• If not treated in time, the curable Blindness converts into incurable blindness.
• As the child has a long life ahead, the blindness years of childhood blindness are much more compared to adult of old-age blindness. Hence the socioeconomic impact the community is very high.
• Childhood Blindness needs specialized expertise and is costly to treat.
SGM Trust has taken childhood blindness as its flagship program and has been conducting Screening Camps in Anganwadi and School Children by Educating the teachers and Anganwadi workers.

Eye Care Education >>

Training teachers and Anganwadi workers, Education diabetic about Diabetic Blindness through “Madhumeha Samvada” and distribution of booklets about eye health one most commonly done activities.

Education of the community about various eye ailments, their precaution and cure is the need of the hour. SGM Eye Bank Trust is conducting various Educational programs to different organised groups and associations for providing eye health and good vision. Eye Donation Day, Glaucoma Day and World Sight Day are celebrated every year intensip the awareness centre.

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